About Dr. Shariff Abdullah

Dr. Shariff Abdullah is an author, consultant and a leading catalyst for inclusive social, cultural and spiritual transformation. Shariff is an expert in the field of societal transformation, and in the emerging field of “demos-dynamics” – how human populations interact and change. Sharif teaches groups and individuals how to understand and practice inclusivity – the connection with all beings.

His books include The Power of One: Authentic Leadership in Turbulent Times and the award-winning Creating a World That Works for All. (For more information on Shariff's publications, click here.)

He is the founder and president of Commonway Institute and the originator of the Commons Café and the Common Society Movement.

Shariff is the recipient of the 2006 “Humanitarian Service Award” from the Unity and Diversity Council and the 2007 “Hero of Humanity Award” from the Art of Living Foundation, as well as the "Martin Luther King Lifetime Achievement Award" from the World Arts Foundation.

Shariff has criss-crossed the planet, taking his inclusivity work to over 30 different countries and close to 100 distinct cultures, working with groups who struggle with their differences: heads of state and poor rice farmers, peace activists and members of militias. He has appeared on several international globalization forums, including Forum 2000 (Prague), and A Century of Auschwitz (Krakow).

Shariff’s peace-making work with Sarvodaya Shramadana contributed to the 2002 historic cease-fire in the 25-year-old ethnic/ civil war in Sri Lanka. (For more information on Sri Lanka, click here)

For an extended biography on Shariff and other related information, click here)

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