PowerPoint Archives from Previous Seminars

This page will hold the links for the notes and written information from the January-February 2009 Tele-Seminar: "Our Relational World".

Session One:

Powerpoint presentation:
Overshoot and Die-Back. TO VIEW: Click here

Session Two:

Powerpoint presentation:
Democracy 3.0 -- The Upgrade. TO VIEW: Click here

Session Three:
Powerpoint presentation:
"Three Circles" View of Society. TO VIEW: Click here

Session Four:
Powerpoint presentation:
Emergence and Emergent Networks. TO VIEW: Click here

Powerpoint presentation (Although this information was received as an email, Powerpoint is the best format for web viewing. I will send the entire email to any Commonway member who requests it):
"The Orange Revolution in Ukraine" -- An Example of Emergence in Action. TO VIEW: Click here

Session Five:


This slideshow isn't part of the original outline for this Tele-Seminar, but I think is important from the point of view of "Power".

"Who Represents Society?" -- Understanding the Difference Between Government and Society. TO VIEW: Click here