Tele-Seminar Series Two: Detailed Information

Series Two (Wednesdays): A Tele-Gathering for Commonway Members

The Wednesday Night series will be the opposite of the content-rich Tuesdays. Wednesdays will be “process-rich”.

In the past, some Commonway members have suggested that they need more time to process the materials presented in workshops and seminars. There has also been interest in Commonway members getting to know each other better, and to see if such conversations can spark local actions.

Format: In each of the five Wednesdays, Sharif will briefly present a topic or theme, then will facilitate a conversation among the members. (The topics may or may not relate to the content of Tuesdays sessions.)

Series Two will begin on Wednesday, 28 January, 2009 and will continue to 25 February, 2009.

(There is no prepared outline for the Tele-Gathering; participants will determine the content.)