Tele-Seminar Series One: Detailed Information

Series One:

(Building the Lifeboat)

In the Tuesday Night series, we will move from a brief understanding of the need for change and the dimensions for change, to the values, visions and practical steps that must be taken in our turbulent times. (For more information, including an outline of content, click here:)

Content: The Tuesday Night series is based on Sharif’s practical experiences in the US, Sri Lanka, and elsewhere. This material forms the centerpiece of Sharif’s newest book, a work-in-progress tentatively entitled “Catalyzing Our Relational World”. Participants will get a valuable preview of the content of this book.

Session 01:

27 January: Section 01: Our Need to Transform

• Default Option: We Don't Make It
• The Lovelock Prediction
• The Mess Becomes The Nightmare
• Fast Crash or Slow Crash?
• The Great Contractions
• Twelve Global Challenges
• The Big Three: Food, Water, Energy

Session 02:

3 February: Section 02: Our Principles and Values

• An Awakened World
• Universal Spirituality: Common Values from Wisdom Traditions
• Sarvodaya/ Commonway Principles

Session 03:

10 February: Section 03: Our Vision of a World for All

• 3 Circles: Vision of an Awakened Society
• From Contractions to Solutions
• Vision: Beyond Religion: Awakened Consciousness
• Vision: Beyond Economics: Enoughness
• Vision: Beyond Politics: Devolution of Power

Session 04:

17 February: Section 04: Theories and Analysis – How We Get Out of the Mess

• Inclusivity
• Relational Economic System: Gift/ Shramadana Economy
• Power
o Dharma Democracy
o Emergence
o Local/Group Control – Devolution of Power
o Transparency
o Vision Declaration (?)

Session 05:

24 February: Section 05: Strategies and Applications

Applied Consciousness
o Atonement/ Forgiveness
o Meditation as a Tool for Fundamental Change
o Inclusive Spiritual Practices
Applied Economics
o “First Steps” Dialog Groups
o Mender Markets
o Alternative/ Complementary Local Currency
o Community Economic Trusts
Applied Power
o Vision Declaration
o Local Governance Groups
o Happiness Index

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