Archive of Audio Files

These audio files are provided here for those who were not able to attend various Commonway events and activities.


"The Pain of the Shadow, The Joy of the Light" Audio from Introductory Session in Auckland, New Zealand.

Introductory session held on 4 October 2013, at the Auckland Unitarian Church.

This two hour audio has been edited... the audio from the "visual meditation" (slide presentation) has been deleted.

Click here to listen to “Shadow & Light Introductory Session”.

"Currents & Futures 05: HOMELESSNESS AND VISION: BIRTHING THE 21ST CENTURY CITY: Audio from Tele-Dialog"

Tele-Dialog on 9 May 2012 (2.0 hours)

The 2.5 hour recording has been edited down to 2 hours. (It is not possible to record the small group discussions.)

Click here to listen to “Homelessness and Vision”.

"Commonway Laboratory 01: Audio from First 'Virtual' Lab"

Tele-Lab on 15 December 2011(0.5 hours)

The one hour recording has been edited down to 30 minutes:

- Introduction to the concept of a "Commonway Laboratory".
- The first ritual/ceremony.
- Ending comments.

Unfortunately, only my audio from the "Commonway Laboratory" was recorded. Questions and comments were not recorded, nor was the second ritual/ceremony, conducted by Amor Luz.

Click here to listen to Commonway Laboratory 01.

"Praxis: Talk with Spiritual Teacher Janet Sussman"

Tele-Talk on 1 June 2011(1.5 hours) Janet Sussman has been my friend and teacher/guide for close to 30 years. This is the first time we've recorded our conversations together. About 3/4 of the way through the recording, Janet offers one of her amazing vocal healings.

Click here to listen to "Janet Sussman" Tele-Talk.

"Praxis: Ayahuasca 'Plant Medicine' and its implications for Spiritual Centering"

Tele-talk on 30 March, 2011. (1.5 hours) [This recording has now been EDITED!]

- Sharif's personal experiences with "plant medicine"
- The implications for spiritual (beyond conceptual) connections with the Earth.
- Questions, Comments, Responses

Click here to listen to "Plant Medicine" Tele-Talk.

"Evolution or Extinction? Our Role in the Birth of a New Society". Talk at IONS Vancouver Community Meeting, 15 August 2009. (one hour, 34 minutes)

- Societal values and moral character
- Awakening consciousness
- A Relational Operating System
- The "Fetal Scientist"
- Our role in North America
- What is society? What is success?
- Questions/ Comments/ Answers

Click here to listen.

"Building the Cathedral: Vision and Action for a New Society". Talk at Koru House, Portland, 19 August 2009. (one hour, four minutes. Because of a technical failure, the group discussion was not recorded.)

- Building the Cathedral: demonstrating faith in the future
- The Practice and Mastery of Inclusivity
- Having the Courage of Your Convictions
- The Five Levels of Human Consciousness and the Evolution of Humanity

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01: June 11, 2008 Session:

First Hour: The Nature of “Spiritual Starvation”:

• Difference between “spiritual hunger” and “spiritual starvation”
• Four symptoms of spiritual starvation

Second Hour: Feeding Our Hunger for the Sacred

• The difference between “spirit” and “soul”
• What feeds the soul?
• The nature of sacrifice
• Feeding our being through spiritual practice

Click here to listen to the first session

02: June 18, 2008 Session:

The Spiritual Nature of Our Work (both hours)

• What is “work”?
• What is “spiritual work”?
• What is “spiritual”?

Click here to listen to the second session

03: June 25, 2008 Session:

The Nature of a “Common Faith” (both hours)

  • A Definition of “Common Faith”
  • Why the world needs a “Common Faith”
  • Moving Beyond Apparent Contradictions
  • Wisdom Traditions and Common Faith
  • How to Practice

Click here to listen to the third session

04: July 2, 2008 Session:

Awakening Intuitive Knowing (both hours)

There is a part of us that “knows” beyond the rational mind. Awakening the Knower is a necessary skill in the 21st Century. We will explore how to do this.

    • Intuition = Total Self Knowing
    • The Nature of The Personality
    • Channeling Other “Beings”:
    • The Seven Inter-Relationships of Human Development

    Click here to listen to the fourth session

05: July 9, 2008 Session:

The Awakening of Humanity (both hours)

  • The Five Levels of Humans
  • Ending the global human trance
  • The Seven Masteries/ the Seven Practices

Click here to listen to the fifth session