Commonway Consulting Overview

Commonway Institute is dedicated to the creation of a society that is in line with our deepest spiritual values – a global society that includes all peoples. Recognizing that we will not solve humanity’s global problems with the same attitudes, philosophies and consciousness that created the problems in the first place, Commonway teaches people how to shape a world that works for all. The core of Commonway’s work is inclusivity, the concept that all of our lives are inextricably linked, one to the other.

What Commonway Consulting Does:

We are all being called upon to shift our consciousness. Commonway Consulting helps your organization answer this Call.

Commonway Consulting performs Commonway’s teaching function for a specific client. Commonway consults with organizations and individuals regarding the concept and practice of inclusivity.

Commonway Consulting helps your organization embrace INCLUSIVITY as a core concept. We do so in the following ways:

Inclusivity Assessment:

We conduct assessments of how deeply your organization embodies and embraces inclusivity. The Inclusivity Assessment comes with a set of recommendations for growth and change.

Inclusivity Awareness Sessions:

We come into your workplace and conduct awareness sessions, helping your workforce connect with each other in new and exciting ways. (This is not "diversity" training.) Each awareness session is tailor-made for your organization's needs. Session themes include:

Inclusivity in the Workplace
Workplace Culture
Workplace Dynamics

"Culture Shapers" Sessions:

After the Inclusivity Awareness sessions, we work with a small group of volunteers from your workplace to continually assess and improve workplace culture and communications. By internally "shaping" your organization's culture, your workplace will resist the tendency to "snap back" to less effective (but familiar) cultural patterns.

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[All funds received by Commonway in its consulting capacity support the ongoing mission of Commonway Institute in catalyzing a world that works for all.]