Module Training

Basic Training for a New World

Introduction to Commonway’s Module Training Program

The world is a mess.

People want security… but violence is not the answer.

People want prosperity… but greed and hoarding is not the solution.

People want happiness… but invest in war and misery.

Politically, economically, culturally, spiritually – we live in perilous times.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. What’s missing? The recognition that we are all inextricably linked, and that any world that works must work for all beings, or it doesn’t work. We can now, together, catalyze the creation of a new society, one not based on race, nationality, class or religion – a society created in common and held in common by every one on the planet. Our future must be based on one simple fact – that each of us is linked to the other

Together, we can learn to create a world that works for all. The necessary shift in consciousness will not happen by itself. We will need to develop the skills and tools of inclusivity, leadership and power that can catalyze our communities. These Modules are designed to facilitate the needed change in consciousness and teach basic skills in applying those changes - to create a world that works for all.

Catalyst- Leader Training for a Better World

The program is presented in three Modules. Each takes 20-30 hours of group activities and uses its own set of materials. (For more information on how to start a module group, please CLICK HERE.)

Module One: Inclusivity: Practicing the Golden Rule in Hostile Situations

Many of us find it difficult to practice “Do Unto Others” in the best of circumstances. However, in the turbulent times in which we live, we must learn to practice inclusivity with those who are resistant, hostile, angry or defensive. This is what Jesus meant when he said, “Love your enemies”. We must also learn how to make and strengthen inclusive community connections across the boundaries of ethnicity, class, gender and religion. This is the only way to transcend our “deep conflicts” and solve our world’s problems.

Module Two: Developing Authentic Leadership in Perilous Times

How do we exercise authentic, committed, inclusive leadership in these perilous times? This module helps develop inclusive leadership and the courage to act out of our deepest values.

What would we do if the United States experienced the same social/ political/ economic upheavals that rocked the Soviet Union two decades ago? How would we handle the kind of economic crises that plagued Argentina? How would we exercise authentic, committed, inclusive leadership in these and other perilous times? This module is essential to the emergence of the local, regional, national and global servant leaders of the 21st Century.

Module Three: Power and Empowerment in Tumultuous Times

In this module, we learn to see and recognize our own power and to develop and nurture the power of others for the good of all. What is power? Who has it? Who doesn’t? What are different types and kinds of power, and which kind is most appropriate in our present situation? How can we exercise our power for the good of all? And, how can our understanding and appropriate exercise of power lead us to a world that works for all?

Our world is witnessing the last spasm of violence-based power. This module develops an appropriate exercise of power – our own and others – for the good of all. This module is essential to the emergence of a global human society.


The heart of this training is your interactions with others in your own community. As the participants struggle together to apply the concepts to their own lives and to experience the lives of others, real learning and transformation takes place.

This cannot be stressed enough. The Modules simply don’t make sense in isolation (or, they seem simplistic and naïve). The depth comes from interactions with others.

The ideal size for a group is 5 to 10 participants. (At least 3, no more than 20) The group may choose a facilitator or share the facilitation responsibilities. The materials are used to inspire and guide the participants, and include a workbook for each participant, a facilitator’s handbook, and a video. Viewing the Orientation materials is suggested as a prelude to the training. (For more information on how to start a module group, please CLICK HERE.)

What are the costs of the training? What happens to the revenue?

The cost of the CSM Module One training is $60 per participant, with a three-participant minimum.

Funds going to Commonway will support ongoing work, including developing and producing orientation and training materials, translating them for world-wide use, and other projects.

For more information on the training or to order materials, contact: