Commonway Learning Society


This is a new section of the Commonway website, putting all learning activities in the same section.

Commonway conducts a number of learning/ teaching/ awareness sessions, in a number of formats, including:

keynote addresses

These learning opportunities are presented via a number of venues:

live presentations (large and small group)
recorded materials (audio and video)
distance learning (tele-seminars, web-based learning)

If you are a member of Commonway, much of the learning material already on the Web is available to you at no additional charge. (If you are not yet a member, please click the "membership" link at the top of this page to begin the process.)

For more information on specific Learning Society opportunities, see link below:

Tele-Seminar Overview

For audio recordings of prior Learning Society events, see link below:

Archive of Audio Files

For PowerPoint materials from prior Learning Society events, see link below:

Archive of PowerPoint Files

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