Commonway's Consulting Philosophy

Answering the Challenge of the 21st Century

The world is changing.

The next 50 years are destined to be the most turbulent in all human history.

Will you be ready?

in a changing world… you are affected.

Collectively, we must deal with:

• ECOLOGY: the combined effects of global climate change.
• HUMAN MOVEMENTS: social/cultural/economic/political upheaval among peoples around the globe.
• VIOLENCE AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION: the 90+ wars that are the legacy of colonialism and exploitation.
• ECONOMIC DISPARATIES AND UPHEAVAL: the morally corrosive gap between the “haves” and “have-nots”.
• HEALTH: the possibilities of runaway epidemics and pandemics.
• ENERGY: the destabilizing effects of “peak oil” and the end of the fossil fuel era.
• CONSCIOUSNESS: Morals, values, ethics in conflict; violence, drugs and other negative attributes in all societies; traditional religions seemingly unable to cope with 21st Century realities.

Even relatively simple challenges (water, food, shelter, education, energy) have complex,
far-reaching effects and no easy solutions.

Together, we can master these times.

We can learn to survive and thrive in a fundamentally changed environment (social/cultural, political, ecological).

our solutions rely on... building relationships

You are on the front lines of world-wide social/cultural transformation. What you do, right now, will help determine the course of humanity for the next 100 years or more.

The most important aspect of life on our planet is understanding how people change. Unless billions of people quickly change their behavior, the very existence of humanity on this planet is in peril.

• Groups of people all over the world are at war... we must learn ways to stop killing each other.
• People in all walks of life are destroying the environment upon which all life depends... we must learn ways to heal and mend the ecology.
• People are alienated and separated from each other and from themselves... we must learn ways to help people see and heal their interpersonal relationships.

Our transformation to a world that works for all beings does not require new resources or
technology. It doesn’t even require hard work and dedication. The change requires a shift in consciousness – how we think about ourselves and our relationships with others.

our solutions rely on... shifting our thinking.

“No problem can be solved from the same
level of consciousness that created it.”

–Albert Einstein

The goal of Commonway Consulting is to actualize that oft-quoted Einstein statement, to help you and your group shift your THINKING,
so that you are approaching 21st Century problems from a higher and more appropriate state of consciousness.

To master theses times, Commonway Consulting will help you to…
• Assess your current situation
• Understand the magnitude of the challenges
• Understand the process of change
• Get appropriate tools to embrace change

“We must love others enough to see that, in the final analysis, there are no ‘others’, just people who want the same things we want…”
Sharif Abdullah