Our Challenges: "The Mess"

We are facing unprecedented, interlocking and intractable meta-crises. We call this "The Mess". While The Mess has many symptoms, the bottom line is that it's one problem: a consciousness that is based on the premise "I am separate".

Collectively, we must deal with:

ECOLOGY: People in all walks of life are destroying the environment upon which all life depends – we must learn ways to heal and mend the ecology. We all must deal with the combined effects of global climate change.

HUMAN MOVEMENTS: social/ cultural/ economic/ political upheaval among peoples around the globe.

VIOLENCE AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION: Groups of people all over the world are at war – we must learn ways to stop killing each other. This is especially true regarding the 90+ wars that are the legacy of colonialism and exploitation.

ECONOMIC DISPARITIES AND UPHEAVAL: the morally corrosive gap between the “haves” and “have-nots”.

HEALTH: the possibilities of runaway epidemics and pandemics.

ENERGY: the destabilizing effects of “peak oil” and the end of the fossil fuel era.

CONSCIOUSNESS: People are alienated and separated from each other and from themselves – we must learn ways to help people see and heal their interpersonal relationships. We must deal with morals, values, ethics in conflict; violence, drugs and other negative attributes in all societies; traditional religions are seemingly unable to cope with 21st Century realities.

Even relatively simple challenges (water, food, shelter, education, energy) have complex, far-reaching effects and no easy solutions.

Together, we can master these times. We can learn to survive and thrive in a fundamentally changed environment (social/cultural, political, ecological).