How to Register Your Membership

Now that you have logged in, there are a few options that you have regarding your membership. (If you still see the login information in the left-hand column, you haven't logged in yet.)

Level/ Type of Membership

You can select one of four different levels of membership, depending on your income and comfort level. Each level has associated benefits. Levels include:

Level Dues/yr Benefits
Basic/Student/Third World $36 DVD: Catalyzing a Common Society
Mender $120 New Book: Seven Seeds for a New Society
Sustainer $1,200
Seva (Service) $3,600

Annual or Monthly Payments?

You have an option to pay your membership dues annually (best for Commonway) or monthly. Clicking on either “Annual” or “Monthly” in each category will take you to the appropriate PayPal site for you to complete your transaction securely. Annual Payment or Monthly Payments

Payment by Check?

Although we prefer that you use PayPal, we know there are some who, for whatever reason, prefer to pay for their membership by check. For instructions on how to pay by check, click here.